SSL Certificate signed by own CA

There are a lot of “how-to” on the Internet explaining the setup procedure. This is mainly a copy / paste example for those in a hurry :)

How to setup your own CA

Generate a key for CA

Pick a password and remember it!

Generate a SSL certificate for CA

How to create a new SSL certificate signed by your own CA

Request a new key for the new domain that you want to secure

Pick a password and remember it!

Request a CSR and sign it with the previous created key

Request the SSL certificate and sign it against the CA

(Optional for Linux) Secure the key on the server

To have the SSL working you need to copy on the server side
– MyServerName.key
– MyServerName.crt
– myCA.crt (that’s the CA certificate)

How to view a certificate

How to check whether a private key matches a certificate or that the certificate matches the certificate signing request (CSR)

Does anybody knows a simple script that can offer the above functionality from web interface? I was looking around for a while now, but either they are enterprise complex or do not work. Let me know in Comments if you have a good suggestion.