Smartport macros are not more than some templates you can define on Cisco switches that will apply the same configuration on multiple ports. It’s not a subject that needs too many discussions, but it can be useful for your Cisco certification preparation or real life Cisco switch administration.

Configuration is very simple and it goes something like this:

After this you apply the macro to a port or a range of ports:

That’s it :)

A less known fact is that Cisco switches are having some predefined smartport macros, which can be really helpful. The smartport macros which you configure can be spotted with a simple “show running-config” command. This is not the case for the default smartport macros which cannot be seen in the running-config, so you may not be aware that they exist.

The default smartport macros can be seen using the following commands:

This will show you only a summary of the default smartport macros. If you want to see what are they configure to do, check the following command:

To be honest I never used them like this, but they were a pretty good starting point to customize new smartport macros.

If you are rather interested in the Cisco switch interface macro command, I did write a post on this topic some years ago and you can read it here.

Cisco switches and smartport macros

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